Now, more than ever we yearn for more genuine values, particularly in our everyday lives and the environments that we are surrounded by.

Less clutter, less stuff that has no meaning or soul. It is the simplicity of this kind of decor we want to integrate with.

More calm more balance and a better connection to the earth and the people involved in producing CLOTH signature cushion covers, blankets,  and hand-loomed floor rugs items which we want to showcase in our homes. It’s about the values and ethics that are the intrinsic value, let’s hold onto the beauty and the craftsmanship, having a connection to nature and its raw elements that only mother nature can give us. Let’s treasure these values and support them honestly and truthfully.

Our range of hand-selected décor items have been carefully curated and sourced by our CEO and head designer Carina Yulianto. With decades of experience working with artisans throughout the Indonesian Archipelago, she has brought together a range of unique and creative pieces – that resonate with historical details and significance. While bringing CLOTH’s sustainable environmental ethos alive in every custom design.

Whether salvaged from antique Javanese buildings or using upcycled timbers – the patina of each piece tells its own individual story. Reclaimed, repurposed, and brought back to life in a new and exciting way – every item is hand-selected and customized for your space.